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Wed­ding Pro­fes­sional / Venue Ref­er­ence Check

You’ve been listed as a point of ref­er­ence for the named Wed­ding Pro­fes­sional! Please take just a minute or two to com­plete the few ques­tions on the appli­cants behalf. The Wed­ding Stan­dard is not an adver­tis­ing ser­vice, but an select com­mu­nity of artists who have a higher stan­dard of excel­lence for their craft and ser­vice. Your ref­er­ence will help us keep it that way. Thank You! — The Wed­ding Stan­dard Team
  • This ref­er­ence check is pri­vate and will not be shared with any­one but The Wed­ding Stan­dard. Please, be hon­est and speak freely!